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Hello everyone!
My name’s Cristof, I’m 21 years old, currently studying Industrial Design at UniBO in Bologna, Italy.
Since I was 5/6 years old I’ve always played piano and guitar, lucky to be born in a family that knows the power of art, music in particular. I’ve always had the dream to have the wisdom and the power to change what surrounded me, but only quite recently have I started to discover how to turn ideas into actual things. My life changed last year, when I recieved an iPad Pro as a gift from my parents. After a few months of University my mind started growing and changing, the inputs that started to affect my life were high quality ones, eventually I was finding my spot.
Anyway I started drawing on my iPad, on an app called Procreate, I found it so fascinating that I couldn’t stop looking for new features and settings to create always better artwork. After a while, while studying music (mainly piano and electronic music programs) and deepening my knowledge of Procreate, I decided to buy a computer (which is the one I’m writing on now) that opened me the doors to a new world, the world of Adobe Illustrator, which I really enjoy using.
I’ve been recently added as a confirmed artist on a website on which I sell some of my artworks (mostly animated gifs and trippy pictures that I draw on Procreate or on Illustrator, above all Procreate+Illustrator). The website is called KnownOrigin ( and you can find a lot of really inspiring cryptoartworks uploaded daily. I am so glad that I’ve found a way to turn my passion into a real thing that could be appreciated by people that may understand what I have to say.
I have a lot of different projects that I know will make it out of my head, including new artworks, new music (especially using string based orchestras). What I’m trying to do now is find a method that works as efficiently as possible and look for new people that could support me in my takeoff in any possible way, already the fact that you’re reading my story could help in something!!! I’ll always keep you all updated.
Thatnk you!!!

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