Ben Haley

Artist Statement

Ben Haley is a merrymaker, who combines digital, sculpture, and performance arts to create lively and whimsical creations. Born in Sunderland in 1998, his upbringing focused on seeking standard employment, despite his enterprising nature. This expresses itself in his work today, with performances that explore employment, economics, and entrepreneurship. Ben Haley is self-taught, taking on the arts after dropping out of an unfulfilling Business Management course at Northumbria University.

Ben has performed at institutions like the Bowes Museum, Cobalt Studios and the University of the West of Scotland as Miss Penny Press, utilising drag as a way to participate in art. Most recently, Ben’s focus has shifted onto Web3 technology, utilising the Ethereum Blockchain to produce digital art that is provably-rare, which has been exhibited at the Nifty Pride Foundation in the digital world CryptoVoxels. Ben Haley has a synthetic labour token, called $MERRY.

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