Anna Stoyanova/ Spontaneart

A close up of a colorful background
Graffiti on a wall
A close up of a colorful umbrella
A group of colorful flowers
A pair of green grass
Artist Statement

Traditional and digital painter. I am working in different styles and techniques, and I am mixing them digitally.

I was born in Varna, one of the most beautiful cities
in Bulgaria. I begin to devote myself to art very early, reaching from
self-taught great results in black and white drawing and especially in portrait,
where I get the praise of friends and observers.

I studied at art college and  I improved my art culture, studied and practised all the huge numbers of different styles of art techniques. My favourite genres were the black and white pencil and carbon design, The Painting and the sculpture.

Since 2001 I am living in Italy, and in

2010 I  finally decided to dedicate me seriously to the art and to create my art career.
The first thing that I started in this purpose was to begin a process of elaboration of my personal style
, and my process of creating. Building on surrealist language, it
dream-like,  my brush strokes are spontaneous, and sometimes random and  looking for a further emotion but
it does not disdain the figurative and feeds primarily on the constructed abstract language
through the combination of colours. Already numerous art exhibitions in which my
works have found space, including: “Exhibition of talents” (May 31-June 12
2015), “Triptych of art” (June 2, 2015), “Stories of women” (November 2015),
“L’artèdonna” (8 March 2016), “Colore” (19-31 March 2016), Fructidor (2-14
August “2017) and other.

Whit the event of the internet and the new technological progress, I discovered a new way to express my creativity and started to paint digitally. At this moment I am creating daily digital art, very personalized, because, usually I love to create with custom brushes that were painted or designed in separated applications. Mostly I am remixing my photos of my traditional art in different variants and techniques and I am experimenting new ways to create. Some of my fans called my transformations of old art in new “Recycled art”.

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