This Giddy Future

Artist Statement

Experimental fine arts. Bright, stylized, digital. Pretty colors for the people.

Artist studio pseudonym, social media handle, exhibit title…; the THIS GIDDY FUTURE creative identity is a focused production “brand” of digitally-organic abstractions that thrive within intangible spaces.

THIS GIDDY FUTURE debuted in 2018 in Austin Texas and on Facebook owned Instagram releasing focused, serialized explorations of technique & genre. In 2020 the studio has begun branching out into more experimental frontiers and has embraced art publication on blockchains.

Strong influences from Collage Art, Glitch Art, Motion Art, and Trash Art, THIS GIDDY FUTURE is in 300dpi 8 bit sRGB from various software applications. Made from eco-friendly pixels; reduced, reused, and recycled.

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Austin, Texas, United States
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