This Giddy Future

Artist Statement

Experimental fine arts. Bright, stylized, digital. Pretty colors for the people.

“I am excited for what comes next”

Creative pseudonym, exhibit title…; THIS GIDDY FUTURE digital identity is a loose artistic concept producing various 2D & 3D abstractions that lurk among various online spaces.

THIS GIDDY FUTURE debuted in 2018 in Austin Texas on Instagram. Releasing serialized explorations of technique & genre. By 2020 the studio had expanded across multiple social networks, obscure platforms, and art on blockchains as purchasable NFTs.

Strong influences from Collage Art, Glitch/Generative Art, Motion Art, and Trash Art, THIS GIDDY FUTURE typically presents in formats that support the following playback standards: 16:9, 60fps, 72-300dpi, 1920×1080 & 4K, sRGB.


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