Bård Ionson

Artist Statement

Bård is an artist who was trained in information technology and programming and is passionate about experimentation with distortions in reality. Those skills are evident in his work with artificial intelligence, machine learning, computers, oscilloscope animations and glitch scanning. Despite the art being created by digital means it has an organic natural quality due to the use of massive amounts of entropy. A native of Colorado now living in Virginia he has appeared in exhibitions such as CADAF Miami, EthDenver, iDAF Manchester, Rare Art Fair NY and projected onto the Daniels and Fisher Tower in Denver.

Often the work is about artificial things in life that are mixed with money, religion, politics, technology, art, cryptocurrency and culture. He tries to find the love and beauty in the darkness but often fails. His art is often inspired by Nam June Paik who embraced randomness, experimentation and highlighting the beautiful flaw that emerges from entropy and the joy of creation.

Bård’s work is about the:

In between, the unknown gap of two opposites
sound & light
digital & analog
one & zero
physical & spiritual
yes & no
true & false
light & dark
The place we actually live in called … … uncertainty
the in-between
Is it dusk or is it the dawn?

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