CryptoArt News: CryptoArtists on Mathrubhumi News, SuperRare, Arium

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man's head and shoulders appearing on television

CryptoArtNet MemberĀ Fabin Rasheed makes an appearance on Mathrubhumi News to discuss his digital art.

Alert: Matt Kane‘s official Instagram account has an impersonator that’s causing problems. Here’s more from Matt Kane.

PST: Concerned about NFT security issues? Did you know CryptoArtNet sponsors @NFTSecurity, an aggregator of relevant news on Twitter? It’s true.

karan4d is releasing the natural synthetics collection on SuperRare. Tune in Saturday for a Twitter Spaces with a superstar panel including CryptoArtNet members SamJ and parrott_ism.

A. L. Crego‘s project Visual Massage is now available on Arium and the web.

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