CryptoArt News: Media Appearances by CryptoArtNet Members

This edition of CryptoArt News focuses on recent coverage of CryptoArtNet members mostly from the last two months. I have to say I was a bit surprised to see that some of the main media outlets covering cryptoartists predominantly featured CryptoArtNet members during this time. We’re still less than 300 members but we punch way above our weight!

This is a very stripped down version with links to member listings and to the articles or video sources. Subsections are in no particular order. There’s so much here I just cut and pasted and left it at that.


#ArtProject2020 – Women Leading the Art and Tech Movement
Featuring Sarah Zucker and Angie Taylor

Daniel Crowley: Adventures in NFTs — An Interview with Kristy Glas

Sunstar Davao: Star of her own canvas
Vyannka Pauline Balasabas aka squirterer

NBC News featuring Lawrence Lee and Matt Kane
How blockchain technology reached Christie’s and changed the art world along the way


Async Edition

Sam Brukhman on Kitty Bast and Cultbitz
Kitty Bast x Cultbitz

William M. Peaster on Bard Ionson
Transcendence in “The Gate”
Distortion Genius: Bard Ionson, a Singular Artist for a New Age


Ann Marie Alanes Interviews CryptoArtists

Paola Castillo: How Digital Artists Succeed With Cryptoart, Acknowledging Black Artists & How To Treat Collectors

YouTube: Videos

Featuring Paola Castillo and Fabin Rasheed


Known Origin

Clyde F. Smith aka Flux ArtGuest Editor
Featuring Kitty Bast, CECHK, squirterer, Nadart

karan4dArtist Spotlight

Tierras RarasArtist Spotlight

defiantsquidArtist Spotlight

This Giddy FutureArtist Spotlight


Behind the Screens with Serena Tabacchi
An Interview Series from Known Origin and MoCDA

Behind the Screens with Lawrence Lee

Behind the Screens with Sparrow, Gisel X Florez and Angie Taylor

Behind the Screens with CECHK and Kitty Bast

Behind the Screens with Karan


Josie Bellini: Behind the Art – Season 2

Fewocious – Behind the Art with Josie #27

YouTube: Season 2 Playlist

Appearances by Fabin Rasheed, Giant Swan, parrottism, Fewocious, Pr1mal Cypher


SuperRare Editorial

Bard Ionson: Am I an Artist? Journey to SuperRare

Fakito: Argentinian Gen-Z

Fakito: from a Hobby to a Job

Milton Sanz: Alone with myself

SR Interview with Milton Sanz: Between Darkness and Light

Okytomo: Ruins

Luno aka twoclicks: Boing, boing (and a LA) — Postmortem

Rutger van der Tas: From Rembrandt to Golden Girl

Studio Nouveau – Mist

Studio Nouveau
Crypto Music: A Way Forward for the Music Industry

parrott_ism: Inside Down, Upside Out

FEWOCiOUS: Figuring out Who I Am

Yusaymon: from Streets to SuperRare

An Exploration of High Weirdness: Interviewing Sarah Zucker

Julian Brangold: Aesthetic of Uncanny Realism


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