CryptoArtNet Artists Featured on New Platforms: Art Mine, Async Blueprints, BrainDrops

two abstract works of art side by side

Jonas Kasper Jensen and Brandi Kyle on Art Mine

We’re taking a new approach to publicizing CryptoArtNet member artists and their work. This relaunched version of the CryptoArt News email newsletter is designed to be short, sweet and published regularly.

We’ll figure it out as we go. I think the range and depth of artists represented on CryptoArtNet will make for an interesting take on the state of cryptoart in 2022.

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Twitter Spaces: Wed, January 19, Noon, Eastern Time

CryptoArtNet members Daniella Attfield and Clyde F. Smith will join a discussion with Aleksandra Art on price and value in cryptoart.

Art Mine by Playform

Machine learning art platform Playform adds Art Mine, an AI art collection creation tool and marketplace.

Members of CryptoArtNet help kick things off with Brandi Kyle‘s Unusual Fluids collection and Jonas Kasper Jensen‘s Europa collection.

Jonas Kasper Jensen Newsletter

Jensen also recently launched an email newsletter for those wishing to follow his art practice.

Async Blueprints by Async Art

Async Blueprints¬†adapts Async Art’s unique approach to layered NFTs to the cryptoart collectible editions scene.

Early participants include CryptoArtNet members Alotta Money, with Thousand Headers Coterie, Rutger van der Tas, with 51 Layers, and Mehak Jain, with Chess Players.

BrainDrops: A platform for AI-generated Art

BrainDrops is another platform for creating NFT art collections. Its initial launch included the podGANS collection by Pindar Van Arman.

$WHALE Community’s Arium Gallery

The $WHALE Community recently announced an update of their Arium gallery including works by Giant Swan, Brendan Dawes and Reinhard Schmid.

Lots more CryptoArt News to come from CryptoArtNet members!